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Rural Girls Competitive Degree college

Rural Girls Competitive Degree College is situated at Sardhana Road in Daurala Town. It is one k.m. ahead of Daurala Sugar Mills towards Sardhana town. This college is developed to provide education to daughters and sisters of surrounding area at hands distance so that they do not have to leave their regular education due to long distance journey to other college as there is no other college for girls nearby.


Education is acquisition of the art of utilization of knowledge .Education is central to the human resource development and empowerment in any country. Quality of education is judged by the kind of human it produces. Education is means whereby adults pass on their beliefs and values to their children. Education becomes more important when it comes in respect of girls. As today's girls are tomorrow's mother and we know that first education of any child start at home. So if our girls are educated then we can build good citizens for our India. So let us do it.................